Why Bottom Up?

Bottom up blinds provide a great alternative solution to an age old problem in our homes.

“How can I stop people looking in my window but keep some natural light?”

For years we resorted to things like net curtains, shutters and even sticking window film on our overlooked property windows.

Net Curtains

Whilst net curtains can provide a cheap solution for window privacy there are a number of potential problems:

  • Dirt and Mould
  • Old fashioned and dated
  • Poor privacy in the evenings
  • Lack of colour and design choice

Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters are invariably expensive to install and can cost upwards of £300 per square meter:

  • Expensive.
  • Difficult to install.
  • Blocks out half the light unless louvered.
  • Broken slats.
  • Hard to repaint and maintain.

Window Film

Opaque, reflective, patterned and frosted window film was a popular choice for ground floor and bathroom windows in the 90’s. Whilst this can be a cheap alternative, it comes with many issues:

  • Scratches and peels very easily.
  • Air bubbles appearing over time.
  • Hard to cut and install (and remove).
  • Discolouration and bleaching.

The Solution

If you want to:

  • Stop people looking into your living room from the street level.
  • Enjoy being in your bathroom despite your window facing the neighbour.
  • Lie on your bed with the windows open and the sun on your face.
  • Prevent the sunlight shining directly onto your TV or computer screen.
  • Keep your privacy but flood your room with natural light.
  • Install an easy alternative to net curtains, wooden shutters or frosted film that is durable, easy to maintain and great to look at.
bottom up blinds comparison table
Bottom Up Blinds Comparison Table
bottom up blinds an alternative to net curtains

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