Inside or Outside the recess?

how to measure bottom up blinds
  • If your window sits inside a hole in the wall and you want your bottom up blind to sit inside that same hole we call it a recess fitting.
  • If you want your blind to sit on the outside of the hole or the window isn’t in a hole and is already flush with the wall we call that an exact fitting.

Deciding where to put your blind will determine how you measure.

To fit a blind inside a recess you need to check if there any obstructions such as window handles or latches. Your blind will have to operate up and down in front of any obstructions so make sure you have enough depth on the window ledge to install the blind slightly forward in the hole. The depth of the brackets that hold the blinds are 50mm.

Top Tip: Remember the roller blind will be fixed at the bottom of the window and go upwards. If your window sill or ledge is not level and straight you may prefer to install the blind outside of the recess as you will have more control over the angle that the blind rises up.

Measuring Inside Recess (Recess Fitting)

measure bottom up blinds inside the recess

Measuring inside the recess. Measure the inside width of the recess from left to right in at least three places at the top, middle and bottom. Note down the narrowest measurement. This will be your “width” measurement.

Measure the inside height of the recess from the top of down to the bottom window sill. This will be your “drop” measurement.

When you order, make sure you select the “recess” option on the quote page before adding your blind to the basket. All you need to do is enter the width and drop measurements as above and we will do all the other calculations at our end. Normally we will deduct between 10 and 15mm from the overall width of the blind (including brackets) to ensure that your bottom up blind operates freely inside the recess.

Measuring Outside Recess (Exact Fitting)

measure bottom up blinds outside the recess

Measuring outside the recess. Measure the exact width of where you would like the blind to sit from left to right. The blind will be supplied to this exact width including the fixing brackets. Don’t forget the actual fabric usually sits about 25mm in from each bracket end as we have to allow for the spring mechanisms and bracket housing. Please make sure you allow for this when measuring.

Top Tip: A lot of customers choose to fix to the wooden or PVC frame that surrounds the window, also known as the architrave. If you are fixing to a Victorian or Edwardian architrave it often has a ripple design (known as ogee or taurus). Make sure you measure from the flat part of the surround not the ripple part as the brackets that hold the blind have to sit squarely.

Check out this handy video created by one of our component suppliers.

How to measure the in the recess for a Bottom up Blind

Measuring Bay Windows or Angles

  • When measuring bottom up blinds for windows that join at angles it is really important to remember the brackets that hold the roller blind in place will also be at an angle.
  • That means the bracket will “eat” into the space slightly of the blind next door so you must allow for this when taking measurements.
  • The easiest way to do this is to set out the position of the brackets by marking a 50mm line with a pencil on the window sill where the brackets will sit.
  • Measure between the inside edges of the pencil lines as in the diagram below.
  • When you order the blinds please select “exact measurement” in the options box.

bottom up blinds brackets

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