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Bottom up blinds Ltd is a family run company and was formed in 2009 to provide a simple solution to a common problem. How do we stop people looking in our ground floor or bathroom windows but keep letting the the light in? For many years we all relied on net curtains which have now become somewhat unfashionable and ineffective. More recently home owners have starting using other ways to maintain their privacy. Sticky opaque sheets which have to be cut and sit permanently on the glass are one option but easily become scratched and wrinkled. Wooden shutters can be fitted but these are extremely expensive and don’t always suit the window design. Finally, keep the curtains closed all the time.

Bottom up blinds has sought to remedy this conundrum and fill a gap in the market place using a simple design which is attractive, robust and effective. We don’t do anything else, just this, so we know our product back to front. Most importantly, by keeping company overheads low we have kept the price down for the consumer whilst retaining a vast selection of high quality materials and fabrics.

We are a small company with great ambitions. Our staff are well trained and enjoy their work. We look forward to answering any queries you may have and pride ourselves on great customer care. If you have any suggestions as to how we can improve our service or website we would welcome your comments at:

[email protected]

Company Information

www.bottomupblinds.co.uk is the trading name for our corporate entity Bottom Up Blinds Limited. Registered office at Thatcher House, 12 Mount Ephraim Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN4 8AS. Company Number 04030377

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